2024 Trend Predictions

We’ve got the inside scoop – here’s what we’re predicting is going to be all the rage in 2024 and beyond. We’re always looking for ways to keep our collections fresh, whilst ensuring they will pass the test of time. Dinosaurs and other educational themes are here for the long haul. Textured bedding is only getting bigger, we’re talking pompoms, tassels and more!

Fantasy Fairytale

Garden fairies and pixies don’t just have to exist in story books. We predict that hand-drawn and whimsical nature scenes are going to be a hit. Picture toadstools, pastel-coloured insects, and adorable garden pixies. This isn’t just limited to bedding and wall art – uniquely shaped furniture and asymmetric mirrors can also add to the magic.

Play & Learn

Proving that educational themes such as dinosaurs, animals and space are here for the long run, kids won’t be able to get enough of learning about the universe. Incorporating elements of educational decor into the home, creates an environment where children can easily explore their interests.

Texture & Layers

It’s the year for textured bedding, cushions and blankets such as pompoms, tassels, fleece and jersey! Choosing the right colour scheme and patterns is important, however, incorporating a mix of textures can take the bedding to the next level. By combining different textured layers, it can be easy to create a visually interesting and comfortable space that promotes restful sleep.

Walk on the wild side

We have it on strict authority that sage is the colour of the year. It creates the perfect mood of wildness and brings nature straight to the kid’s room. Children love animals and the jungle, so why not bring nature closer to home! Incorporating animal motifs on the walls and decor can inspire stories and feed the imagination, perfect for nighttime storytellers. 

What do you think will be trending this year?

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