5 weird and funny things said by sleep talkers

It plagues the people who have it, it plagues the people who have to sleep next to people who have it. Sleep talking. It’s the worst. That’s why we thought we may add a rare moment of enjoyment out of sleep talking and compile the funniest things said by sleeptalkers.

Family switch up

“We need to find a replacement for your sister!” Is what one mother shouted in her sleep to one of her daughters. We’re pretty sure every sibling argument after that one was very lopsided.

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Bug at first sight

A fiancé (who may or may not be sleeping in the dog house), once confessed to his future bride that ‘I love you because, you have such a long antennae.’ Did she have an unfortunate look? Or was he confessing his love for one of the cast of A Bug’s Lifein his dreams? We need answers.

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Sleeping superhero

A son shouted ‘Mother! Fetch me my cape’ at a loud volume, much to the bemusement of said mother. I wonder if this aligned with the dream he was having at the time or if he accidentaly revealed some top-secret information about his hero alter ego.

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Desperate times call for dreamy measures

‘It’s the apocalypse, quick! But I have a plan’. Well I’m pretty sure I know who to go to when the end of the world comes. This dozing girl shouted this in a car full of people, all with the same question as us– does she really have a plan?

Dream of Dragons’ Den

A dad once shouted at his son ‘Don’t wash the mushrooms! Use a mushroom brush!’ Did this guy invent the hottest money-maker of the modern world or was he merely talking absolute shrooms? I’m hoping his son ran off with that idea and is now somewhere on a beach in Peru, surrounded by his millions (of Happy Linen throws…)

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