7 Ways to Stay Entertained this Summer

What a year it’s been so far! Most of us are in dire need of a holiday, but we know many of you have had to sacrifice your holidays abroad this year. That’s why we’ve gathered a list of ways you and the children can stay entertained at home. Whilst it may not be the same as lounging on a sun bed in Majorca or splashing in the sea waters, it’s a step closer, and really, any little helps.

1. Camping

Why not sleep under the stars? If you’ve got a few tents, pitch them up. If you haven’t got a tent, then you can always use your garden chairs and attach a duvet cover across them. Use exercise mats or airbeds for ultimate comfort. Then go ahead and grab your duvet, cushions, blankets and turn that space into a cosy haven. We’d always recommend using outdoor fairy lights to light up the space as it gets darker. No camping trip is complete without snacks and treats, so stock up on BBQ food and sweets.

2. Picnic

Who doesn’t love a picnic?! Having a picnic at home with all the family is a lot less stressful when you only need to round the troops up to the back garden. Plus, there’s no need to hoard a heavy picnic basket. Gather all your favourite food, some paper plates, napkins and a large blanket. Using a double bed sheet is also perfect for you and kids the to sit on.

3. Water Park

So, the kids are getting bored, hot and bothered in this summer heat. How about blowing off some steam by creating your own water adventure park in your back garden.

Things you will need:

  • Water balloons
  • Buckets
  • Plastic sheet for slip and slide
  • Soap
  • 2L Plastic bottle
  • Waterproof tape
  • Hose pipe
  • And of course, water!

To create your own sprinkler, take the 2L bottle and make small holes all over the plastic. Then attach that with waterproof tape to the end of the hose pipe. Voila, there you have it- that should keep everyone entertained for an afternoon at least.

4. Obstacle Course

This is an easy one, but it will certainly keep the whole family busy. Grab whatever you can find, whether that’s chairs, cushions, plastic boxes or hula hoops, anything will work. You could even incorporate the theme that the floor is lava! We suggest including a paddling pool or combine the elements from the water park for added excitement.  Remember to make it as fun and as wacky as you can.

5. Outdoor Cinema

This one is particularly exciting, especially for any movie lovers out there. Find a double white sheet and attach it to a shaded wall in your garden, using pegs or string. You can find some great projectors online for as little as £25, which will certainly complete the experience. Next, it’s all about making your cinema experience as comfortable as possible, so gather those chairs, cushions and blankets. Don’t forget the popcorn, sweet, salted or both. Sit back, relax and enjoy the film. Take a look at our blog post on Top 5 Films for Kids

6. Reading Nook

Having somewhere to relax is essential, especially this summer. So now is a great time to incorporate a relaxing space in your garden for you and your children to read, nap or simply to listen to the birds sing. Find a shaded area of your garden and put down a rug or mat suitable for outside. Bean bags are fabulous for outdoor comfort, as many are now made with weather resistant material. Set the calm atmosphere with some warm tone lights as well as grabbing pillows and throws for ultimate cosiness.  

7. Spa and Yoga 

We know it’s hard to relax at the best of times, but how about having about a day dedicated to chilling in the garden. Get those yoga mats and pop on a meditation playlist on Spotify and take some time to deep breath and stretch out. Whilst this one may appeal more to the adults of the household, how about trying some of these fun yoga poses for children!  Take it a step further and hire a hot tub for the week, to really help melt the stress away.

And relax…

We hope you and the little ones have fun with these activities! We love to see your pictures of the family getting involved in the fun, so do tag us via our social media channels @happylinenco and use the hashtag #myhappysleeper




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