Activities for Rainy Days

Will it rain today? 7 fun family activities that will brighten up rainy days and entertain the kids!

Children tend to get bored when the weather isn’t great… The truth is, us adults do as well. Unfortunately, rainy days are a common occurrence but they shouldn’t force you and the family to spend your weekends cooped in front of the TV. If you are wondering what to do when it rains and want to be prepared when the next storm starts, we have compiled a mini mix of outdoor and indoor activities for kids which will brighten up any day!

Hide and Seek.

This is an often forgotten classic and a childhood favourite! I think all of us played this game before… we remember the rush of excitement when ‘it’ or ‘the seeker’ was counting down, and the adrenaline when we heard their footsteps circling the room. There were always those few ‘best’ hiding spots in the house. I think our most silly one was getting under the duvets and laying flat thinking that there is no way someone will be able to find us… when it was clear as day where we were!

We recommend really getting involved in this task! Even when you can see your child’s little toes peeking at the bottom of the bed, or they’re giggling so loud that the neighbours could easily tell where they’re hiding you have to pretend you can’t find them. It makes it all a little more fun for the kids!

Indoor Treasure Hunt.

Write a list of clues that one by one will lead your little one to a hidden treasure and hide them in different corners of the house. You can make the clues easier or harder depending on the child’s age and get other family members involved in the hunt where you can. Rhymes and riddles make the game even more engaging and fun. If you’ve already tried this version of Treasure Hunt you can play a different version which entails writing a list of items that need to be found and collected to win the game. When the weather gets better, this game can also be taken outside to the garden or the park!

We have created some fun and easy riddles featuring our happy linen characters for your treasure hunt adventure. Go ahead and download our guide below and have fun!

Build a Den.

All you need for this activity is duvets, blankets and a wild imagination! Children enjoy small spaces, they allow them to create their own surroundings and imagine their own little world. Once the Den is built it becomes a great space for the little one to unwind and relax. The den can also become anything else. Our favourites are a shop, school or a magic cave.

If you get invited to play in the den, make sure you allow the child to take the lead, after all, you’re their guest. The undoubted downside of this activity is the mess created afterwards but the few moments of peace and unlimited fun for the child will definitely be worth it!

Laser Labyrinth.

This game requires a little bit of preparation, but we promise it’s worth it! All you need for this one is a ball of yarn. To set the laser course you will have to thread the yarn across a room, preferably a hallway. You can use furniture or door handles to create this Mission Impossible style maze. The child’s task is to go through the maze and reach the end without touching the laser (yarn). Make sure you add some sound effects for extra fun! You can use your phone or a bell to sound an alarm on your phone when your little one crosses the laser. Make sure you give the little one an opportunity to be the judge and have a go yourself too.

As a health and safety precaution ensure that the yarn is at a safe level to avoid any trips. You can also lay pillows and duvets out as a layer of protection and extra comfort.

Cook Together!

Most kids love to cook and bake, especially knowing that there is a tasty treat at the end! Baking and cooking also comes with many advantages, such as; the ability to introduce them to new flavours, the opportunity to practice their maths when you’re measuring out ingredients and practice their patience when they’re waiting for the goodies to be ready!

If you’re struggling for recipe ideas make sure you check out our favourite Recipes for Kids which we listed in one of our previous posts!

Embrace It!

The truth is… children love playing in the rain, for some reason us sensible adults tend to teach our little ones to stay away from ‘bad’ weather. As long as we’re prepared with some wellies, raincoat and an umbrella the rain is a great opportunity for heaps of fun! The rain is an excellent excuse to enjoy the weather without worrying about freezing our kid’s toes. You can do anything from jumping in the puddles, paper boat racing to simply observing how nature changes with the weather. This is a fantastic way to get some exercise and fun, not only for children but for us adults too!

Puzzles and Brain Teasers.

Puzzles aren’t only a fun way to keep your little one busy and entertained, but they also help in the development of the brain, memory and recognition. As Albert Einstein once said, ‘Having fun is the best way to learn’.

Below you can download a few puzzles we created for your little one to enjoy whatever the weather.

If you try any of these activities make sure you send us the pictures, stories, and your own ideas via any of our social media channels or email

P.S. Don’t be afraid to get creative and put your own spin on our rain activities!

Love, Lucy.

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