Benefits of colouring

This week we’ve launched our Colour me Happy campaign.

Whilst the nation is on lockdown, it’s difficult to keep the kids entertained with something that not only keeps them busy but also keeps them stimulated in a positive way.

Although it’s nice for any parent to have their kids sat down, focused and (more importantly!), quiet whilst they’re colouring in, did you know it actually has a much deeper positive impact on your child’s development?

Here’s 6 examples of how it can help:

Therapy & Stress Relief

Colouring has proven relaxation benefits with the rising popularity of adult colouring books! Setting time aside for your child to colour can help give their little minds the time they need to process their day & become calmed.

Improves Confidence & Self Esteem

The ability to complete a task successfully builds self esteem and confidence in young children. Colouring regularly boosts a child’s sense of accomplishment and pride in themselves.

Enhances Motor Development 

Colouring helps children develop good finger grip. It also provides an opportunity to practice holding a pencil the correct way and aids in developing motor muscles in their hands, fingers, and wrist.

Colour Recognition & Shape Awareness

Filling in the spaces with colour on a printed page helps children to recognise hue, perspective, shape and form as well as giving them an opportunity to explore different colour combinations.

Improves Focus & Hand to Eye Coordination

The act of holding crayons, choosing colours, using the colour in the correct area and even sharpening crayons can all help with cultivating strong hand-eye coordination in youngsters.

Stimulates Creativity & Self Expression

Colouring allows children to express their individuality through colour selection and medium. It’s interesting to observe how much pressure they apply, the colour choices they make, and whether they colour loosely or tightly. 

Just don’t blame us if your little ones get a little too creative…!

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