Easter Egg Hunt

Egg hunts are usually children’s favourite part of Easter Sunday. Whether running around the house or exploring the garden, it’s always egg-citing! This year most children will need to do their Easter egg hunt indoors, so we’ve hatched a plan (see what we did there?) & come up with the following clues your flock of little lambs can use, all within the safety of your own home.

Easter Egg Hunt Clues

1 – Your pillow is where you rest your head, go and have a look under your… (Bed)

2 – I have 4 legs to keep me stable, go and check under the dining… (Table)

3 – Rub a dub dub, your next clue is in the bath… (Tub)

4 – Cartoons and films entertain me, this is where I sit when I watch… (TV)

5 – The next clue rhymes with chairs, go and look under the… (Stairs)

6 – Trainers or slippers, it’s up to you to choose, go and look inside your… (Shoes)

7 – Washing dirty dishes is the worst job I think, go and look inside the kitchen… (Sink)

8 – The next clue could be in a rocket, or it could be closer in your coat… (Pocket)

9 – We close these when it’s dark, that’s for certain! Go and see behind the living room… (Curtain)

10 – If you like to read, go and look, the final clue is behind your favourite… (Book)

The children should be egg-shausted after all that running around so help calm them down with our Colour Me Happy initiative.



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