How to personalise your kids bedroom

Child sleeping in space themed bedding

How to personalise your kids bedroom

Personalising your kid’s bedroom is a great way to create a space that reflects their interests and personality. Here are our top tips to help you create the perfect bedroom tailored to your kid:

  1. Choose a theme: Choose a theme based on your child’s interests. For example, if they love animals, you can decorate their bedroom with animal-themed bedding, curtains and blankets.
  2. Add colour and designs to the walls: Personalised accents such as wall stickers and wall prints can add a personal touch to your kid’s bedroom and create a fun sleeping environment.
  3. Make the bedroom cosy. A very simple and quick way to make your kids bedroom cosy is with weighted blankets. Weighted blankets come with an array of benefits, which include reducing anxiety, boosting mood and stimulating the production of serotonin. Take a look at our top 6 ideas to make your kids bedroom cosy.
  4. Incorporate favourite colours/patterns: Incorporate your child’s favourite colours and designs into the decor. This can help create a cohesive and personalised look. Whether it’s the colour pink, animal or dinosaur prints, creating a colourful and creative bedroom for your child can help them to sleep better at night.
  5. Use unique storage solutions that reflect your child’s interests. For example, using colourful and fun toy storage bags can encourage your child to keep their bedroom tidy with their very own themed toy storage bag.

Key takeaway:

Remember, the key to personalising your kid’s bedroom is to make it a space they will enjoy spending time in and feel like it’s their own. Get them involved when you personalise their space and let them have a say.

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