Gardening Activities for Kids

With it being Gardening Week we thought we’d gather our favourite activities your little one can easily do in the garden. As we ease back into normal life, many of us will be doing it with great caution, making the most of time pottering around the home still! With that in mind these fun ideas will occupy your kids time for hours whilst soaking up some needed warmer weather. Don’t worry though, they’re not too messy, we’ve excluded activities like making mud pies… for now!

Painting Stones

This was something we used to do as kids and we’re glad the trend is still growing strong. There isn’t much prep for this other than acquiring some medium, smooth surfaced stones, acrylic paint and clear varnish. You can even buy a bag of stones perfect for this task at places like Etsy. If you need to purchase the paint and varnish, B&M or Hobbycraft are our go to. Then, all that’s left is to get creative! We love to transform rocks into colourful insects, like ladybirds, bees, butterflies, or even better, little garden monsters! Once the paint is dry, seal the deal with some clear varnish. The stones can then be placed around the garden as a little surprise for when guests visit!

Chalk Drawing

This one is even simpler than the last, all that is needed are some colourful chalks and a concrete floor. You kids can design the floor to their heart’s content, whether that’s drawing a portrait, hopscotch or a fun pattern! Whilst we may want to love every creation our little ones do, it’s likely you don’t want it to be a permanent addition to your back garden. So you’re in luck, the rain in time will wash the design away, ready for a new pattern… 

A Dinosaur Home or Fairy Garden

It’s time to get imaginative! A few items are needed for this one; a plant pot (ideally one with a wide circumference), stone and pebbles, some small plants (3 should be enough), moss, pinecones, and plastic dinosaurs or fairies. Firstly fill the plant pot with a layer or stones, to help any water drain, then top the rest of the pot with soil (the type of soil will depend on the plant you choose, but all purpose compost should do). To one side of the pot, plant the small plants and give them a good water. Next, place stones in a way that looks like a path down the centre of the pot. Place the moss around the ‘stone path’ and give a quick spray of water. 

Finally, put the plastic characters in and around the plants to make it look like they’re wandering around their new home! An additional activity could be to scatter the characters around the garden for your little ones to try and find! 

Flower Pressing 

It’s been around since the dawn of time, but it’s still as fun now as it was back then, especially if your little one is interested in learning more about the botanical world. Whilst you can buy actual flower presses online for pretty cheap, it’s super easy to do using things from around the home. All you need are two heavy books, and some grease proof paper. Simply trim the flower that you want to press, and place it in the middle of a folded piece of greaseproof paper. Then, lying the books down, place the paper between the middle of them. 

The biggest challenge in all of this is being patient and waiting for the flowers to dry out! It should take about 3 – 4 weeks for this to happen. Once that’s done, your little one can then stick the flower in a sketchbook and write some facts about the flower next to it. Pressed flowers are delicate, so we recommend leaving a small layer of greaseproof paper over it to keep it protected. 

Butterfly Garden

Create some decorative butterflies with our step by step guide! You can laminate them to make them weatherproof and suitable for the outdoors. Or just use normal paper and keep them under shelter, indoors or in a greenhouse!

Download step by step guide here

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We hope you all have a wonderful Gardening Week!

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