How do you make a kids bedroom cosy?

Young child staying cosy in bed

A cosy bedroom is an important feature for children. It creates an inviting space where they can relax, feel safe and comfortable when they sleep at night. Here are some tips to help you make your child’s bedroom cosy:

  1. Use soft lighting: Soft lighting can create a warm and relaxing atmosphere in the bedroom. You can use lamps with fun shades, fairy lights, or dimmer switches to adjust the lighting to your child’s preferences.
  2. Create a fun environment with their favourite designs such as animalsspace or dinosaurs. By using themed kids bedding, wall decor and accessories you can create the ideal environment for your child. 
  3. Add soft textures: Soft textures like plush rugs, throws and weighted blankets, and fluffy pillows can add warmth and comfort to the bedroom.
  4. Use curtains or shades to help control the amount of natural light that enters the room and create a more peaceful environment.
  5. Display artwork: Hang up your child’s artwork, photographs or add some wall stickers in the bedroom to make it feel more personal and homey.
  6. Keep the bedroom organised: A clutter-free bedroom can help your child feel more relaxed and calm. Using storage solutions like toy bags, shelves, or toy chests can keep your kids bedroom organised in a fun way.

Involve your kid in designing their bedroom

Remember, the most important thing is to create a space that reflects your child’s personality and makes them feel comfortable and safe. Get them involved in the process and let them have a say in how their bedroom is decorated. 

Creating a themed bedroom for your kid

If you’re looking for themed bedroom items for your children, take a look at our kids bedding bundles that come in a range of styles including dinosaursunicornsdiggers, and space

Child sleeping in space themed bedding

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