How To Get Rid Of The Monster From Under The Bed.

Fear of monsters hiding in the bedroom is common amongst children. Unfortunately, sometimes we don’t know how to deal with this problem, and sometimes it can be underestimated, seen as a fantasy or a wild imagination. The kids get scared, we get frustrated, and bedtime gets longer and longer each night. Don’t worry though, we researched and listed some fun and creative activities that will help to get rid of that fear once and for all!

Where Does It Start?

The beginnings are quite subtle. No signs, no warnings, and suddenly, the little one becomes scared. Sometimes this can be a result of a scary story, fairy-tale, or film that they might have seen, but in most cases it can just start. Your child becomes convinced that there is a monster hiding in different parts of their bedroom. This fear can sometimes result in tears, anxiety, and the little one not wanting to sleep in their room. At this point all we can do is fight the scary monster, get it to pack its bags, and leave!

You’re not alone, we have your back. Here is a list of tactics you can use in your battle. Just make sure to document it and let us know how it went!

Visualise the beast.

Ask your child to visualise the monster and draw it with you. Make sure this activity takes place during the day! This activity will come in use in practice, but it also holds the purpose of confronting the monster for the very first time in a comfortable and trusted environment. Not only that! The glitterier and more colourful you make the masterpiece, the more you will be able to befriend it and take away its ‘monstrous’ attributes.

Name the monster. 

Naming the creature can play a big part in getting rid of the fear. It also enables the little one to tell it to go away next time it turns up uninvited. Here are some name examples we came up with to help you out!

What does the monster eat?

One thing here is obvious… monsters DON’T eat children…or adults! Figure out what the beast eats. Be as creative as you can! From experience, we figured out that the monsters from under the bed like to eat dust, and some like to eat spiders, which is very useful!

Leave the lights on.

This is a popular and effective method! If all else fails, leaving the light on for the little one usually does the trick. However, this method doesn’t battle the problem of fear, it only temporarily eases it. Don’t worry though, it’s important to remember that the little one will eventually grow out of this fear.

Hide and seek.

The monster needs to hide somewhere during the day. Another suggestion is checking the room for monsters with the child before bedtime to make sure the space is safe. Team up and check wardrobes, under the bed, in drawers and any other area where the monster could squeeze! Remember though… If you repeat this activity regularly, make sure you add some fun and creativity to mix it up!

Monster animated films.

Watch some monster movies with your child, just make sure they’re nice monsters. We recommend Monsters Inc., this way, the child can start liking or at least tolerating monsters after seeing them in funny and friendly situations!

DIY Monster Repellent Spray.

We have saved our favourite till last! This is one of the most successful and fun methods!

All you need is: An empty spray bottle, water, colourful stickers, scent (perfume, oil, etc.) You can attach the drawing of the monster you drew earlier to the packaging, that way the spray will work individually for your monster! This spray doesn’t only scare the beast off but gets rid of it altogether. Make sure you’re as creative as you can when making the potion and have fun! Also, a small tip that can also help is to try aromatherapy oils, specifically calming ones like Lavender (ensure they’re appropriate to the age of your child).


Most importantly listen, take it seriously and understand. Comfort them and reassure them that this fear is normal. We all fear things that we don’t necessarily have to, and many of us used to have monsters under our beds too!

Click below to meet and have a go at colouring Bollo! Bollo is our office monster, we keep him around because he likes to eat our snack wrappers!



Lucy xx

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