How to keep your kids bedroom cool in the summer

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Keeping your kids’ bedroom cool in the summer months can help them to get a good night’s sleep and stay comfortable throughout the night. Here is a list of our top most effective tips to help keep your little one’s bedroom cooler in the summer.

1. Use fans in the bedroom

Fans are a great source of cool air. They create a breeze that helps circulate the air and can make a room feel cooler. When setting up your fan in the bedroom, set it to rotate to help circulate the air in the room. It’s best to use fans during the day and before your kid goes to sleep so the noise doesn’t keep them awake at night.

2. Block out sunlight

Blocking out the sunlight can help keep your kids bedroom cool in the summer. Try using blackout curtains to keep the sunlight from entering the room and maintain a cooler temperature throughout the day and night. Take a look at our range of fun and creative blackout curtains for your kids bedroom.

3. Ventilate the bedroom

During the summer months, the temperature naturally drops in the evenings, when this happens, open the windows to allow cool air to flow into the bedroom. 

*Top tip – Create a cross-breeze by opening windows on opposite sides of the rooms for stronger air circulation.

4. Limit usage of technology

Devices such as computers and TVs give off large amounts of heat and can increase temperatures in the room. If possible, limit the usage of technology in the room, especially during the night time.

5. Use breathable bedding

Make sure to use high-quality bedding during the summer months that is breathable. Bedding made with cotton and other light-weight materials can help keep your child cool and comfortable while they sleep.

6. Keep hydrated

During the day, make sure your child is drinking enough water to help them regulate their temperature and stay hydrated. Be sure to monitor the temperature and adjust the methods you use to keep the room cool as necessary.

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