Introducing our Charity Partners | Kondanani Children’s Village

Here at Happy Linen Company, we’re not just about ensuring our customers have a good nights sleep, but we have the ambitious goal of helping the whole world do just that. We believe that everybody should sleep happy, not hungry, which is why we donate a portion of each bed set we sell to charity. 50% of our charity donations go towards something close to our hearts, the Kondanani Children’s Village in Malawi. They do fantastic work in providing security, hope and love to orphaned children. It’s a place that gives opportunity for a fresh start for the most vulnerable.

Background of Kondanani charity

The orphanage was set up in the aftermath of high rates of HIV/AIDS in the country, which still continues to leave more children behind. All the amazing work done by Kondanani has left a positive impact on these children’s lives, that they wouldn’t have gotten otherwise. So, we find it important that we do our bit to support existing charities like this one.

What does Kondanani do

Kondanani is a safe haven for all the children that they’re responsible for. They provide food and shelter as well as a healthy and caring atmosphere for the children to live in. They raise children not just to their intellectual strengths, but also spiritually and in their moral conduct. They care for 92 Boys and 74 Girls, so they need all the resources and support they can get.

What are Kondanani’s goals?

The charity are clear in their mission and goals. Their humble goal is ‘to hear the children say when they have grown up: “I had a happy childhood in spite of being an orphan. I have had a great education, I am a stable and whole person in spirit, soul and body.”’ Offering the children security isn’t just enough, they want to enrich their lives and improve their outlook on life and the individual. They describe their mission as being to create an awareness of belonging within the child and to promote love and care. They want to educate but also provide the children with the skills of self-reliance as they mould their own identity within this new opportunity.

One way they strive to achieve their goals is by educating children at the Lewis Chikhwaza Christian Academy where they not only focus on teaching but also physical fitness and sports, having a range of sport facilities available like a football field, running track and a dodge ball court. They adopt a system of teaching that is built around the child’s individual preference of learning, where they are encouraged to work at their own pace and overcome any struggles, with the support of a SEN teacher.

With every sale, we are comforted in the fact that we’re helping someone on the other side of the world sleep happy, as well as the people back home. Without the work of Kondanani Children’s Village, these children may have nowhere to sleep at all, never mind receive the same security and love that they do now. It’s our mission to help continue and increase this so the world is sleeping happy, not hungry.

Make sure to also stay tuned for our follow-up blog where we highlight our second charity of choice, Wythenshawe Foodbank. 


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