Kid friendly DIY Christmas gifts that grandparents will love!

Christmas is all about family, cheer, and gifting. Christmas day becomes even merrier when we get an opportunity to gift something personal or handmade and there’s nothing more precious than receiving a hand-crafted gift from the kids. This year we’re bringing you tips and ideas to get your little ones involved in some DIY gifting projects, which are bound to put a smile on any grandma or grandad’s face!

(These gift ideas are easy to make but ensure the little ones are always supervised, and any tasks using heat or sharp objects need to be conducted by an adult.)

Loving Message Jar

The majority of us will have been spending most time at home due to social distancing, meaning that unfortunately we won’t be seeing the grandparents as much. However, this DIY gift is the perfect way to remind grandma and grandad how much you love them! 

All you need for this one is a jar and some paper. Get the little one to write some loving messages for gran and paps on small pieces of paper and roll or fold them up. We recommend doing 30 messages or more, so they don’t run out any time soon! They can also decorate the jar to add some extra pazzaz! Why don’t you stick a family photo on the front to make it more personal?

Send a Hug

What do grandparents love the most? Hugs! Especially from their grandkids. Why not send them a hug via the post? 

This DIY project is super simple, get some Christmas wrapping paper and lay your little one’s arms to the side on the sheet. Trace around the arms, fingers, and the head to make a life size sketch! Cut out the silhouette together and get the child to draw a self-portrait on the inside of the paper on the head section! 

Stick this mailing label to the envelope, secure it and deliver to their door! This is a great way to send them a lifelike hug without squeezing your little one into an envelope!

Homemade Snow Globes

To prepare for this project you will need: a small glass jar, a plastic figurine or decoration, glitter and/or  sequins, strong glue or hot glue gun, water, and a spoon. The little one’s task in this is to find the perfect decorations to go inside the globe, we recommend small figurines and little toys which are probably lying around the house. 

Get them to create the perfect composition, once you agree on the layout stick the decorations to the underside of the lid, so when you close the jar the decorations are on the inside. Fill the jar with cold water and add the glitter and sequins (you can add some oil to help the glitter float better). All there is left to do now is close the lid and shake!

Painted Plant Pots

This is a brilliant Christmas gift which can be used all year around! 

All you need is a terracotta clay pot, acrylic paints, and paint brushes. You could also use some marker pens, paint pens, letter stencils or other decorative supplies. Pick your grandparents favourite colours and paint a masterpiece! After the paint dries you can personalise the pot with a little message. If you’re stuck for ideas here are some plant related puns your grandparents will love: ‘I love you from my head to-ma-toes’ or ‘aloe you vera much!’.

Christmas Treats

Most grandparents have a sweet tooth, and we all know that the way to the heart is through the tummy! Click the link to download some 30 mins easy recipes that you and your little one can make together and impress the grandparents this Christmas!


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We hope you all have a wonderful Christmas!

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