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Lockdown is slowly easing meaning little ones can see their friends again! Soon the little ones will be asking us for sleepovers, whether it’s one friend or more we need to be prepared with some kids sleepover ideas. 

Kids love sleepovers… Parents not so much though. In hindsight sleepovers are great for little ones as they help them improve their social and independence skills, all in a safe environment. Sleepovers can get quite hectic fast, that’s why a little planning ahead can ensure the kids have the best time, whilst you can enjoy a less chaotic night keeping a little more sanity. 

Kids sleepover ideas. Kids in matching pyjamas. Kids bedding.

Matching pyjamas

It’s a well-known ‘fact’ that all best friends need matching pyjamas. You can hand them out with the invite to set a theme and build excitement and anticipation for the big night!

Matching pyjamas sleepover.

Movie night

Make the sleepover memorable with the coolest movie night the little ones have ever had! Lay pillows everywhere for comfort and make some popcorn which can be jazzed up with flavours and food colouring by the little ones. Don’t forget the fruit punch and plenty of snacks for the ultimate experience! The kids will have the best time watching their favourite movies.

Movie night sleepover for kids with friends.

Indoor camping

We’ve seen this sleepover theme everywhere, and we love it! Have all the fun of camping, minus the creepy crawlies, bad weather and chills. You can prepare with some teepee tents, bunting and sleeping bags. Don’t worry if you can’t get a hold of tepees though, you can make some blanket forts which will also do a great job. Make sure you have stocked up on marshmallows, s’mores and board games!

Indoor camping themed sleepover for kids.

Themed parties

Kid’s love themed parties! Princess themed sleepovers can’t be beaten. Make a spacious fort where everyone can sit and play games. For a princess theme, decorate the fort with frilly materials and cosy pink blankets, the little ones can enjoy playing makeovers or making DIY crowns! Take a look at our Castle Unicorn range for some princess themed throws, bedding, stickers and more

Princess themed sleepover ideas for little girls.

Dance off

Who doesn’t love a little dance! Crank up some music and let them show off their best moves. Make sure you have prepared some scoring cards to be the judge to their moves… However, we’re quite sure it’s going to be straight 10’s all around! 

Kids having a dance off with kids bedding in the background.

Commercial break

Split the little ones into teams or singles and give them a random object. This can be a roll of toilet paper, a can of beans or even a carrot! The little one’s task is to come up with a short commercial for the object. They can either perform it or record it, the funniest and most creative commercial wins points or a prize for the team (or themselves if it’s singles).

Sleeping beauty 

Have one child pretend they are asleep. The task is for the kids to try to make the ‘sleeping beauty’ laugh without touching them! The one to make them laugh gets to be ‘sleeping beauty’ in the next round or wins a point for their team.

Little girl sleeping in bed.

Indoor Activities

You can also visit our Indoor Activity blog where you’ll find more fun games and activities the little ones can get involved with!

Planning sleepovers can be quite fun, we hope our sleepover ideas and tips help you plan your little one’s evening and make it as memorable as can be. You can also visit our website for themed bedding and accessories perfect for a sleepover party! 

Kids enjoying a sleepover in matching pajamas.

If you use our sleepover ideas make sure you take some pics and share them with us via our social media platforms @happylinenco. You can also email us at Most importantly though, have a great time!

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