Nighttime songs for kids

It’s World Wellbeing Day and World Music Day all in the same week. Both things of which we are very passionate about… I mean who isn’t?

Many kids benefit from listening to calming music before bed, helping them to wind-down and relax. It’s also a good alternative to watching TV, helping to prevent blue light from disrupting sleep!  As a result some studies have found listening to music before bed actually improves their sleep overall!  We’ve listed a bunch of relaxing tunes that are perfect for kids to listen to before they go to bed. 


1. A Whole New World

If your kids love Aladdin, they’ll surely love this tune. It’s a super relaxing and dream-like version compared to the classic.

2. Can You Feel the Love Tonight

This piano version of the Lion King classic is an ideal nighttime song. Not only will your little one’s recognise the tune, it can help them settle down after an adventure filled day.

3. Over the Rainbow

Whilst not many kids will be familiar with The Wizard of Oz these days (it’s crazy, but it’s true) we’re sure your little ones are going to love listening to this calming tune. 

4. Eternal Love

This lovely song by Patrick Bernard is designed to bring the mind to complete relaxation. Miracles can happen! 

5. Bella's Lullaby

This song may have come from a Hollywood blockbuster movie, however there’s no denying it’s a beautiful tune. The soft chords of the piano are incredibly calming to listen too!

6. Claire De Lune

This old classic is super soothing, not just for kids but for us parents too. It can be found on Youtube, ranging from 4 minute to 60 minute versions! We’ve listed this 5 minute version played beautifully by Carl Doy.

7. Sleeping Trees

Sleeping Trees by John Ocean has a tempo of 77 beats per minute, making it the ideal tempo for a sleepy song. The tune has many long, ethereal notes that is really helpful for your child to transition into a deeper sleep.

8. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

How could we not include this tune?! With over 444 million views, we suspect this is a ‘go-to’ nighttime song for many parents of young kids. 

There are many great nighttime playlists out there, ranging from 15 minutes to 8 hours long. We’ve linked below one of our favourite playlist that has helped countless parents get their kids to sleep. 

Whilst we know getting the kids to sleep isn’t always a simple task, we hope these songs can help make it a little easier!

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