Sleep tips from parents

Sleep tips from parents

Getting the kids to sleep can be a challenge at the best of times, so we’ve asked parents of little ones to share their top tips on how to get the kids to bed. 

Young child staying cosy in bed

Turn all electronics off 1-2 hours before bedtime

“As a family we’ve been making a conscious effort to turn off our phones and tablets 2 hours before bedtime. We haven’t always had this rule in our household, but wanted to start 2023 in this way. It’s made such a difference to the kids nighttime routine, they are definitely a lot calmer. But also for us as parents, we feel we sleep better these days”

Natasha, a mother of 2 boys aged 4 + 7

Make a bedtime plan

“We have a bedtime plan stuck on each of our kids’ doors. For every day they complete it without a fuss, they get a gold star. It was always something my mum did for me as a kid and it seemed to work. The kids enjoy collecting their gold stars on the basis they get a small reward at the end of the week, something like a tasty pudding”

Charlotte, a mother of 2 kids aged 3 + 4

Click here to download our nighttime rewards chart.

Cosy environment in a cool room

“Keeping the room cool feels like the wrong thing to do as you want to keep the room snug for them. But as long as the bed’s cosy, having the room cool does help create an easier environment to sleep in. Also, my family loves it when they have cosy blankets on their bed so it looks comfy. Then they have the option to stay cool or warm!”

– Shamila, 1 son, aged 5

Child sleeping in space themed bedding

Get them moving in the day

 “During the beginning of lockdown, my children and I were doing a lot of sitting around watching TV. Whilst it was fun, they definitely didn’t burn enough energy during the day, so they were all excited at night. Since we decided to do a lot more ‘running around’ in the garden and being more active, we are all ready for bed in the evening”

– Mellissa 1 boy and 2 girls, aged 3 – 10 

Make bedtime a family event

“Living in a big household does make bedtime a bit chaotic, but since spending so much more time with my children in recent months (now working from home), we decided to make bedtime a family event! We all get in our pjs, brush our teeth and read a book. It’s helped make bedtime more fun and something to look forward to. Also this has helped my littlest feel less scared in the evenings, as he’s not going to bed alone”

– Jo, 3 kids aged 4 – 8


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