Sponsored Charity Lantern Walk

We were thrilled to sponsor and fund the Manchester Foundation Trust Charity Lantern Walk earlier this month. This engaging annual event helped raise £20,000 for the Trust’s 10 hospitals. Over 400 participants joined us for a fun-packed event at Heaton Park in Manchester.

As part of our event coverage, we sat down with some participants of the Lantern Walk. These conversations were hugely meaningful to us, as they shared how MFT Charity had helped them over the years, in various ways. It really brought to light how important fundraising events like these are and the difference these charities make to the lives of people in greater Manchester and beyond. Thank you to everyone who spoke with us!

Before the walk started, we hosted a fun competition to keep participants entertained-  ‘Who can make the bed the fastest’. We loved seeing so many people getting involved – with each participant giving it their best shot! The winner of the competition completed the task in a staggering 52 seconds!

Have a listen to what some of the fantastic fundraisers had to say about the event.

The popular 2km or 5km Lantern Walk began at dusk in the beautiful twilight surroundings. The participants received a twinkling lantern to help light up the route as the sun set – the air was filled with camaraderie, and the satisfaction of contributing to a good cause.

At the finish line, every participant received a medal as a token of appreciation for their involvement. The medal, accompanied by a worry pouch (medal pocket), served as a thoughtful reminder that each step taken played a part in something meaningful!

A big thank you to everyone who took part and to Manchester Foundation Trust Charity for hosting! Your involvement has made this event memorable, and we are truly thankful for the enthusiasm and energy you brought.

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