The Brilliant Benefits of Reading Bedtime Stories

Is it important for parents and grandparents to read to their kids? What about bedtime stories? Do they have any advantages? If you ever found yourself wondering, we have the answer! We’re here to tell you why storytelling is the perfect recipe for a smooth, stress-free, sound sleep.

Why Is It Worth Spending Some Extra Time on Bedtime Reading?

The positive impact of reading and storytelling on the development of children of all ages is undeniable. The more parents and grandparents read to children, the better. It’s crucial to not only read in the daytime but also before bed. So, how can you and your child benefit from bedtime reading? Buckle up and read along!

Reading Together Improves Bonds

Reading allows the adult to entirely focus on the child, this alone time where you are both relaxed creates a unique bond between you and your little one. If you pick the book themes carefully, it can be a great way to spark an honest conversation about any difficulties they may be facing. Children can quickly identify with the characters and heroes from the books, which encourages new confidence and helps them open up to you.

When your child can associate with the characters, they learn to recognise and understand emotions and feelings, both in themselves and others. An additional benefit of reading is that your little one becomes more empathetic and begins to create their own system of values.

Reading Develops the Mind

Most children love it when we read to them and tell fairy-tales. Children learn to focus and be patient by listening and interacting with stories. In addition, reading supports memory, thought processes, and helps to develop a vivid imagination! It teaches them how to recognise and understand cause and effect relationships and holds an invaluable educational benefit.

A little tip: When you’re reading, make sure you’re open to any questions your little one might have for you and prepare to go back a page if there is any confusion.

Reading Together Supports Communication

Reading encourages kids to learn and strengthen their language. Investing the time to read with your child helps to develop their independence and willingness to read in the future. It’s important to remember that the majority of toddlers learning comes from observing adults, specifically parents and grandparents.

Showing your little ones that you love to read and making it an enjoyable experience for them can have a great impact on their enthusiasm for reading!

It Makes Bedtime A Dream!

After a day full of fun, adventures and new experiences, children often need some calming time. The calm voice of parents or grandparents soothes the child and helps them to fall asleep easier, and it also signals to the child that it’s time for sleep and sets a routine.

Remember to choose books and fairy-tales that can be valuable for the little one. You can even select your favourite childhood stories! Most importantly… explore, get into the character, and have fun!

If you’re stuck for ideas, we have listed our favourite bedtime stories in one of our other blogs, click the link below to find out more.

Best Bedtime Stories For Kids

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