Proudly supporting Together Trust Charity

We’re so pleased to support this charity again! From April 1st – June 30th 2024, 100% of our Giving Back proceeds will be donated to Together Trust.

The funds raised will help low-income households gain access to the Sleep Services Self-Funded Packages for free. Together Trust’s team of experienced sleep practitioners work with families to provide information and support needed to combat any sleep issue. They have three different sleep packages to ensure the right care is provided for each family. Find out more here.

Who are Together Trust Charity?

Together Trust’s vision is a society where people thrive because they are valued within their communities. For over 150 years, they’ve been championing and caring for people with disabilities, autism and complex health needs, as well as providing life-changing support for care-experienced people. Today they are one of the North West’s leading disability charities. We help children, adults, parents and carers, delivering individual care, support and education to thousands of people each year.

What services do they provide?

From home visits to classroom one-to-one, their services are designed with flexibility in mind, offering direct support where and when it’s needed. 

One primary service they provide is offering sleep support to families. We spoke with 3 of Together Trust’s fantastic Sleep Specialists, Moira, Paige and Leah, who have shared some insight into how Together Trust can help families with sleep issues.

What is the most common sleep issue Together Trust see in children?

Many children face challenges with sleep and often feel anxious before bed, but finding ways to help them relax and feel happy before bedtime can make a big difference. Here are some of the team’s insights. 

What can be done throughout the day to improve a child's sleep?

There are easy ways to boost your child’s sleep quality naturally. Sleep Specialist Leah has shared some tips, from getting morning sunlight, staying active, and maintaining bedtime routines, all contribute to better sleep.

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