Top 5 Films For Kids

Top films for kids

We all know how difficult it can be to get the whole family together to watch a film everyone will enjoy.

It’s not an impossible task though, so we’ve compiled a list of our own personal favourites. They’re an eclectic mix of Stop Motion through to Japanese Anime with a couple of classics thrown in for good measure. We hope you’ll discover some new films and also rediscover some old favourites you can enjoy as a family.

We’ve ensured the films we’ve listed are available to watch on various streaming platforms, so you can kick back with the kids & watch them from the comfort of your own sofa (family size portion of nachos optional!).

Stop Motion

Shaun the Sheep: The Movie

From the creators of stop-motion favourites Wallace & Gromit, it follows Shaun and his flock into the big city to rescue their farmer, who found himself amnesiac there as a result of their mischief.

Most of the movie is wordless, and the humans speak in gibberish, so this is a good pick for toddlers and preschoolers.

Currently available on Amazon Prime Video.


Mary Poppins

We don’t need to tell you about this one.  This Julie Andrews movie is practically perfect in every way and contains many memorable songs, including the Oscar-winning ‘Chim Chim Cheree’. In short, it’s supercalifragli… shi… thingywotsit!

Currently available on NOW TV


Spirited Away

Master animation director Hayao Miyazaki puts his own spin on this Oscar winning Alice in Wonderland-like story, where a young girl goes on a journey through a world where she doesn’t quite understand the rules.

To this day, it’s the highest-grossing movie in Japan and after you see its beautiful animation, it’s easy to understand why.

Currently available on Netflix


March Of The Penguins

It’s never too early to get the little ones into documentaries. This one, about the lengths penguins have to go to in order to successfully hatch chicks in the Antarctic, is perfect for any budding nature-lover

Currently available on Amazon Prime Video

Modern Classic

Toy Story 4

We could have picked any film in the Toy Story franchise, but Toy Story 4’s new character, Forky, is basically engineered to be delightful to children. Plus, you get a heartwarming tale about what happens when a toy and its child are ready to move on from each other. 

Currently available on Disney +.

To finish, a little tip from us to help you recreate the cinematic experience in your own home. Simply switch the lights off, turn the volume up slightly louder than you would normally & then charge yourself an extortionate amount for a small bag of popcorn!



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