Where does the 25p go?

For every product we sell we donate 25p to local community initiatives and causes further afield. Today marks the end of our 3 month partnership with Acorns Children’s Hospice. Over the last few months we’ve proudly donated 50% of our Giving Back campaign proceeds to this amazing charity. 

Acorns dedicated teams provide specialist palliative care for life limited and life threatened babies, children and young people, and support for their families.This support is offered from Acorns three hospices, based in Worcester, Birmingham, and Walsall, and in the community. Acorns hospices provide a home-from-home environment where children take part in a range of fun and therapeutic activities, from arts and crafts sessions to hydrotherapy. Children visit Acorns for respite, short breaks, end of life and emergency care.

The charity’s specially trained health and social care professionals provide a range of services, including bereavement support and advocacy, as well as a number of dedicated support groups, helping to reduce the isolation some families can face. 

Donations can have a hugely positive impact on the hospice. This wonderful illustration shared by Acorns demonstrates where funds can be used.

Acorns’ services are completely invaluable to children like Haniya.

Another major part of Acorns’ focus is helping to support siblings of a life-limited or life-threatened brother or sister. This is where the funds raised by us will go towards. The Sibling Support Workers are currently working with around 240 siblings, providing expert psychosocial support to children. They also run sibling support groups designed to be a therapeutic place where siblings can meet others in similar situations. 

Acorns Sibling Worker Sarah explains: “One of the main things that siblings get from the groups is the feeling that they’re not alone. You’re not the only one who is woken up in the middle of the night by an ambulance, you’re not the only one who listens out for coughs or beeping machines, you’re not the only one who worries if your mum and dad are OK and you’re not the only one who has suffered the loss of a brother or sister.” 

During the pandemic, Sibling Workers like Sarah have been exploring different ways of providing this support remotely. Sarah held a virtual sibling group during lockdown. “We spoke about what lockdown is like and what they’re missing or enjoying about it. The children made posters to explore how they were feeling.”

During the height of the coronavirus crisis Acorns sent over 130 activity packs to families across the region, which contained specially tailored activities to enable siblings to explore their thoughts and feelings. Developing new coping strategies has been central to many of the conversations that our Sibling Workers have been holding with siblings and their parents. Read more about all the amazing things Acorns are doing: link

Sarah – Sibling Support Worker

Thank you to ALL our customers who have supported us over the last few years. It’s because of you that we can even help these wonderful organisations in the first place! Whilst our time supporting Acorns has come to an end, this definitely won’t be the last time we partner up.

We’re excited to announce that from  July 1st – 30th Sept 2021 we will be donating

50% of our Giving Back campaign proceeds to Support Dogs (registered charity no. 1088281). Support Dogs is a national charity dedicated to increasing independence and quality of life for people with various medical conditions. They provide, train and support autism assistance dogs, seizure alert dogs for people with epilepsy and disability assistance dogs.

If you’re interested in reading up where the other 50% of our Giving Back funds go to, just visit this blog! https://blog.happylinencompany.co.uk/introducing-our-charity-partners-kondanani-childrens-village/

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